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Radically Different RFPs

Experience from the buyer/supplier perspective.  Download: Radically Different RFPs Originally published in 2014

Stay Interview Questions

A comprehensive list of questions for managers to ask employees who are leaving or considering leaving to encourage them to stay.  Download: Stay Interview Questions Originally published in 2014

Tales From The Implementation Front

The University of Wisconsin System’s implementation of required use of managed booking.  Download: Tales From The Implementation Front Originally published in 2014

Tech Trends and Travel Management for 2014 and Beyond

What’s trending and why you should care.  Download: Tech Trends and Travel Management for 2014 and Beyond Originally published in 2014

The Future of Travel Payments

The advent of chip and cardless payment products.  Download: The Future of Travel Payments Originally published in 2014

Transforming the Travel Experience Part I/II

It’s personal – how the buying travel experience is evolving to meet the needs of the individual.  Download: Transforming the Travel Experience Part I and Transforming the Travel Experience Part II Originally published in 2014

Vanderbilt Case Study: Transition to Managed Travel

Vanderbilt’s transition to managed travel – it can be done!  Download: Vanderbilt Case Study- Transition to Managed Travel Originally published in 2014

What Happens In Vegas Stays on YouTube

Erik Qualman’s new rules for business, personal, and family reputation when it comes to privacy.  Download: What Happens In Vegas Stays On YouTube by Erik Qualman Originally published in 2014
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