SCTEM 2020 Annual Conference
September 20 – 23, 2020

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The ONLY annual conference designed FOR and BY higher education professionals. Network with your peers across North America in September. Learn best-practices from industry professionals and see what your colleagues at universities are doing across the country.

SCTEM, created by higher education for higher education, is comprised of a strong network that represents countless academic institutions and suppliers across the United States and Canada. Membership is 100% free. Join us.


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What your colleagues are saying about SCTEM

“One of the biggest benefits to being a member of SCTEM is the networking.  I’m able to learn from my peers about how they’ve built their T&E program.  I can find other schools that are at a similar stage in their program as I am.  This allows us to learn from one another as to what is working and what is not.  It allows us to find best practices much quicker than we would if we were on our own.  Secondly, it is also great to connect and learn from various suppliers that can understand higher ed T&E.  I can learn which solutions are the best fit for our particular program and make informed decisions accordingly.”

Rebecca Spanos – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

SCTEM allows us to build business and personal relationships with other universities. SCTEM serves as a platform to reach out to other Universities to see how they handle situations and circumstances that we thought were unique to us, but are actually common across higher education.

Yolanda Hopkins, Travel Coordinator, North Carolina A&T State University

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