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The Society for Collegiate Travel & Expense Management is pleased to launch our Travel Program Adoption Webinar Series. This initiative is designed to facilitate conversations amongst our valued members leading up to our Annual Fall Conference (scheduled for September 19-22 in Atlanta).
SCTEM Resource Links: Travel Restrictions - USA and Global
With COVID travel restrictions changing with rise and fall of the infection rate, you can stay up to date with the current level of restrictions within the USA as well as globally. Please review the links below.
SCTEM Research Study: Return To Travel
We surveyed collegiate members on managing travel during COVID. Some topics to note: travel program structure and offerings, mandates and their impact on adoption, changes to travel authorization and booking, essential travel and more.
SCTEM / TSA Webinar: Stay Safe, Stay Secure - What To Know Before You Go
We partnered with the TSA to discuss what to expect when we get back to traveling again. This webinar and supporting documents help you and your travelers plan ahead before you take to the skies again.

TSA Resource Links

Overview of TSA Stay Healthy Stay Secure Campaign

Infographic: What To Know Before You Go

TSA Checkpoint Screening Numbers 2019 vs 2020

Runway To Recovery – An coordinated federal response to airports and airlines to implement measures to mitigate public health risks, prepare for an increase in travel volume, and ensure safety and security are not compromised.

Chrome River Expense Management Whitepaper
Learn how Chrome River can help you address challenges faced by higher education institutions and get the resources to solve them. This ebook focuses on core management expense difficulties and the unique challenges in higher education.
The resources and benchmark studies posted by SCTEM are designed to facilitate the administration of collegiate travel programs.
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