SCTEM is run by a dedicated group of volunteer members who willingly give their time and expertise to serve on committees that do the work of SCTEM.

In return, they forge deep and lasting relationships with their colleagues, work to advance knowledge in travel and expense management and bring their experience to the industry’s only organization devoted exclusively to higher education.


Our mission is to continue to grow the SCTEM Membership, to share best practices and to stimulate engagement throughout the year. One key objective is to also assure we make a proactive outreach to encourage attendance to our Annual Conference.

Committee Chair:
Laney Armstrong, Tulane University

Committee Members:

Laney Armstrong, Tulane University
Teresa Athan, University of Washington
David Capossela, American Airlines
Emily Duchene, University of Pittsburg
Judith Fograscher, University of British Columbia
Nick Glasnapp, Southwest Airlines
Melissa Guenther, Corporate Travel Planner
Paul Harris, E&I Cooperative Services
Matt Libke, Deal Captains
Kathleen Roberts, Christopherson Business Travel
Crystal Timmerman, Anthony Travel

Tori Jackson, Liberty University
Derek Johnson, SAP Concur
Jill Laforte, Wyndham
Ralph Maier, E&I Cooperative Services
Kyle Metcalf, Texas A&M
Jason Moore, Enterprise Holdings
Ernie Perez, Delta Air Lines
Darrin Robertson, University of Utah


We are responsible for the overall theme of the conference and conference agenda content, including session topics, session speakers and keynote speaker.

Committee Chair:
Kelsey Moon, University of California, San Diego

Rebecca Spanos, University of North Carolina 

Laney Armstrong, Tulane University
Kelsey Moon, University of California San Diego
Camila Munoz, University of San Diego
Lynn Meadows, Virginia Tech
Teresa Athan, University of Washington
Jill Dawson, Anthony Travel

Supplier Engagement

Our mission as a vital component of SCTEM, the Supplier Committee strives to develop collaborative relationships between collegiate members and travel industry suppliers. Together, this collaboration will create innovative process improvements benefiting suppliers and Higher Education travel professionals, while enhancing the value of SCTEM.

Rules of Engagement

Committee Chair:

Jason Moore, Enterprise Holdings

Committee Members:

Cathy Radmann, Radisson Hotels
Teresa Athan, University of Washington
Melissa Johnson, Band of America
Joe DeMille, EDU Hospitality Consultant
Kevin Lee, Christopherson Business Travel
Patti Bragg, Christopherson Business Travel
Paul Gualtieri, Paramount Marketing Group
Jay Campbell, The Company Dime
Melissa Guenther, Corporate Travel Planners
Griffin Jaques, Anthony Travel
Stephanie Moore, E&I Cooperative Services
Cathy Young, University of Illinois

Joe Helpa, Onriva
Gorgan Gligorovic, Omega World Travel Inc
Derek Johnson, SAP Concur
Felicea Osorio, Aboda by Reside
Jill Laforte, Wyndham
Paul Harris, E&I Cooperative Services
CJ Lecky, Graduate Hotels
Marc deRocha, Brickell Travel
Jim Magrath, Delta Air Lines
Anthony Davis, Delta Air Lines
Ed Phillips, Michigan State University


The Registration Committee manages the online registration process for the annual conference. Additionally, we work on-site at the conference to ensure all SCTEM attendees receive necessary fulfillment items and have a positive experience.

Committee Chair:
Jill Dawson, Anthony Travel

Michelle Perry, Conlin Travel
Teresa Athan, University of Washington


The Marketing Committee works to promote SCTEM as the “go-to” resource for its members when they need industry specific content and best practices. We do that through our: digital presence online, annual conference and member interaction.

Committee Chair:

Kathryn Nolfo, Huron Consulting

Laney Armstrong, Tulane University
Carolynn Blankenship, University of Michigan
Cathy Young, University of Illinois
Christina Gruen, Chrome River
Beth Perez, E&I