Previous Annual Conferences and Webinar Series

2022 SCTEM Annual Conference - September 18 - 21, 2022

The Power of One – Leading From Any Seat. What does this mean? As travel and expense managers, it is at best a challenge but can be very difficult to increase adoption and compliance when we are not in a position of authority over those we engage. The power of one agenda will demonstrate what one person, one unit, one org can do to create change across your university. Leading from any seat is a compliment to the power of one. Leaders don’t have to be in a position of authority; proven leaders are driven by passion, desire and a dedication to improve people, processes and programs around them!

2021 SCTEM Annual Webinar Series - Travel Adoption

Camila Munoz
Manager, Travel and Corporate
Card Program
University of San Diego

● Private University
● Airfare required to be procured through
TMC/Concur Travel
● Utilize central lodge card for airfare
booked through TMC/Concur Travel
● Phased Implementation of Concur
Travel and Expense System with Airfare
Requirement started in January 2020
and completed July 2020

Elizabeth Dressel
Director of Travel
Management Services
University of Wisconsin

● Airfare required to be booked with
preferred agencies or on Concur
● Public University System with over
170,000 students and 40,000 staff
● Travel agency mandate in place for over
5 years
● Compliance over 95% on air, max hotel

Marie Peterson
Manager, Travel, Corporate
Credit Card and Asset
The Ohio State University

● Airfare and rental car required to be
booked with contracted agencies
● Public University with over 60,000
students and 45,000 staff
● Travel Initiative (mandate) in effect since
October 2018.
● Compliance at 99% with implementation
of 3 strike rule

Shannon Miller
Travel Program Manager
University of Colorado

● Public University with a non-mandated
● One TMC with Concur for Travel &
● Student boy of 67,000 over 4 campuses
with 37,000 support staff
● 94% airfare compliance/ manage to the
travel policy

Crystal Timmerman
Director, University Business Travel
Anthony Travel, a division of On Location

● 20 years of travel industry experience (5
years with Anthony Travel)
● Anthony Travel is a longtime sponsor of
● 85 Higher Ed Athletics and 18

Laney Armstrong
Travel Program Manager, Tulane

• Travel required to be booked with
Tulane’s TMC or with Concur, Airbnb for
Work is allowed
• Private university with over 13,000
students and 5,000 full-time personal
• Travel program mandate in place for
over 5 years
• Compliance over 95%