SCTEM 2018 is fast approaching! As a supplier attendee, you are receiving this communication so we can share information about a new concept for our attendees this year.

This year we have a new, exciting opportunity for attendees! The Travel Life Cycle is an exercise in which EDU attendees will be part of a team of business travelers experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel. Each team of travelers will be assigned a scenario. Within each scenario, there are multiple challenges signified by game cards.

Your role, as our all-knowing supplier partner, is to assist the teams of travelers by providing solutions related to your field of expertise. Teams will be given game cards with travel interruption challenges and hints for supplier assistance.

Throughout the Travel Life Cycle exercise, EDU teams will be seeking out advice and solutions from you! You will have the opportunity to help them find solutions with your expertise and share information about your services and products. This hands-on experience provides the opportunity for EDU attendees to evaluate the meaningfulness, maneuverability, and reasonableness of their current policies and procedures.

We expect this to be a wonderful opportunity for our suppliers to explain benefits of their services and offer viable solutions to a variety of travel challenges. This customer-facing session is offered to you as a conference attendee; there are no additional costs associated with this opportunity. Feel free to display any “giveaways” you’d like to share during this session.

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