In 2019, SCTEM elected a new Executive Director. Our outgoing and incoming Executive Directors share their thoughts on SCTEM and it’s past and future:

Greetings to all SCTEM members – from incoming Executive Director Teresa Athan

I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself to you.  As the new executive director of SCTEM, I am honored and thrilled to lead this great organization.  I have been involved with travel management for over 21 years with the University of Washington.  We have accomplished so much over the years and I want to let you know that SCTEM has plans to continue to be the leading organization for travel and expense management for higher ed.

To that note, I wanted to share with you the vision that I and the board of directors have for SCTEM in the coming years.  First, we want to provide members with more than just our annual conference in September.  We are looking to be your resource for all things travel and expense year round. That means providing you with education, content and information through our website and in other digital formats that will be easy for you to access.  Secondly, we all know that peer to peer interaction is one of the best ways to exchange.  So we are looking at ways to provide you with engagement tools to do just that.  We believe that connectivity between members is even more important as technology speeds the T&E landscape.

As we embark on this journey together, know that our membership committee wants to hear from you with regard to your needs from SCTEM.  We will offer a list of our membership committee in the near future. Please reach out to one of them when you have a request or input into information that you would find valuable for SCTEM to provide.

Over the next 30-60 days, we will finalize the transition from Debbie to myself.  I want to thank Debbie for her dedicated leadership of SCTEM over the last 10 years. She has been a valuable asset guiding us to being the cutting-edge organization that we are, and we plan to continue her legacy.

I look forward to getting to know you as we interact throughout the year and of course at our 2019 SCTEM conference in Bellevue, Washington September 22-25, 2019.

Teresa Athan

Executive Director
Society for Collegiate Travel & Expense Management (SCTEM)

University Travel Manager
Procurement Services

Roosevelt Commons West, 3rdFloor, Box 354999
4300 Roosevelt Way N.E. Seattle, WA 98195-4967
206.685.9328 / 206.543.5858 /


And an outgoing farewell from Executive Director, Debbie Gulliver

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Partners,

Thank you for your support over the tenure of my leadership of SCTEM. It has been my extreme privilege to have been the executive director of the Society for Collegiate Travel and Expense Management (SCTEM). I am truly humbled by the experience and treasure our time together.

Through the years, the face of SCTEM has been changed through engagement with you, our members. Today, we stand at 1,000 members. Over the years, the board and I have worked to strengthen the value proposition of membership. This will continue as the board looks at new ways of providing educational opportunities throughout the year.

As members, you have prompted the board and me to provide cutting-edge conference curriculum and speakers who bring value. I hope that we have met your expectations. Nevertheless, SCTEM has the potential to do so much more. Please keep telling us what you need and want.

I am so proud of our board members. They have worked enthusiastically and unselfishly to serve alongside me. I thank our current and past board members for their contributions and dedication to SCTEM.

In more recent years,members of SCTEM have become much more involved in committee work dedicating themselves to reaching more travel and expense managers in higher education. Their contributions to membership, marketing, education, and conference logistics have and will continue to keep SCTEM a “household name” in higher education. The board welcomes your continued participation and input, and invites you, if not already involved, to get involved.

Thank you for taking a journey with me. I grew, made new friends, and enhanced the travel program at my university. I hope you did too. My tenure has come to an end and with that; a new executive director’s tenure has begun. Please join me in welcoming Teresa Athan from the University of Washington. Teresa has been with UW for 21 years and an SCTEM board member since 2014. She has mainly been involved with conference logistics, scholarships, education, and membership. Teresa has the full support of me and our board members.

Thank you for recognizing that it takes a village to accomplish anything worthwhile. Your contributions are relevant and important.

When you make a friend at an SCTEM conference, you have made a friend for life. I wish you much success!  Until we meet again, I remain….

Respectfully Yours,


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